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Garage management- Keep track of your your vehicles, machines and equipment easily

Warehouse management software- Assists in packaging , storing and delivering the goods to people

5 Facts to Consider Before Getting Your Car Painted

The decision to paint your car requires a lot of thinking. Before going to the auto body shop, make sure you have done thoroughly thinking.

You have to weigh your expectations and the value of the car before and after the paint job. As you know, repainting a car asks for a great amount of financial and timely commitment. So before you take your vehicle to any auto body shop for painting, make sure you understand all your options. You need to have a good understanding of the process. There are various facts you have to go through before selecting a paint shop. Here are five such five facts that need to be considered when you are thinking of getting your car painted. These are the absolutely necessary things to consider before each and every paint job.

Painting Required Time

Don’t fall for the shops claiming to do the job in a couple of days. The time required to paint a car completely depends on various reasons. These can be the condition in which your vehicle is currently in,  whether or not it has rusted areas to fix or if there are too many scratches. Then again,  you cannot paint directly over the old paint. First you have to remove the old paint and smoothen the surface of your vehicle. Removal of existing layers of paint requires time and  a lot of preparation before the vehicle is actually painted. All these prep works can increase the cost significantly. There are certain small details which requires a lot of attention and time. If significant time is not allotted, the result will be a poor paint job. So painting your vehicle is at least going to take a week of work.

“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” — Sir Henry Royce


Painting Won’t Fix All the Issues

You have to be realistic while going for repainting your vehicle. New paint will not fix all the issues. Fresh paint can have adverse effects if it is done on top of the damaged area without repairing first.

So before painting you have to enquire the auto body shop to fix these problems first. Damages can be in a form of scratches, rust holes, dents, gauges, and holes, etc. Depending on the severity of the damages, this can add to the total time frame of the paint job. For a proper finish, the body shop needs to peel off the layer of old paint from your vehicle. Then it needs to pre-finish it by smoothing the surface neatly. The painting of the vehicle is done after that. However, you have to be very realistic about what you expect in the end. It might not be able to fix the whole problem completely. If there  is bigger damage on the surface, it needs to be taken care of as well.

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Request an Estimate

Before painting, you need to get a complete grasp on the expenses that are going to occur.

The estimation of the paint job depends on all the minor to major details. Make sure you tell the auto shop about your expectations from the paint job. So when you ask for an estimate make sure you ask the auto body shop to give you in writing all the prep work measurements. In this way, you can verify all the work done accordingly and correctly. Also, that helps you estimate your expenses perfectly. This way you can save yourself from the hidden cost of the job which the auto body shops charge from you. As it happens in some cases, nondisclosure of all the expenses first hand can give you shocks later on.

Pre estimation of expenses can clear all the doubts which you have in your mind.  If you are thinking about whether or not a paint job is worth spending that much money and time, it is better to research it first.

New Paint Can Increase the Overall Value of the Vehicle

Repainting your vehicle can increase the resale value of your vehicle and give it a new kind of feeling. So you can consider it an investment worth doing. Repainting can give your vehicle not only a new look but also can significantly increase the life of your vehicle. This also helps in increasing the resale value of your vehicle. But if your vehicle is too old then repainting can be more costly as compared to the actual increase in value. So you have to estimate it well in advance whether this is actually worth it or not.

Yes there are various insurance policies that cover the repainting cost if the vehicle’s paint got damaged in an accident. Check your policy carefully, so that it helps if any.

The Paint Job Requires Removing the Interior of the Car

A lot of people really don’t know that repainting your vehicle requires removing all the interior during the process. It includes the dashboard, the console and the seats. Make sure you note down everything before the start. If the auto body shop is not well versed in its job, there is every bit of possibility that those removed parts can be damaged during the process. But to do the job right, it requires removing these parts cautiously and carefully without causing any further harm to the vehicle.

Make sure to remove all your essential stuff before going to the auto body repair shop as it will help you not to lose any of your personal belongings during the process. Also it saves the time of the auto body shop as well.

In the end, you have to trust the professional auto body shop to do the job. But if you keep all these things in mind first hand, there is a great possibility to get it done properly and under your budget too.

Will Transport Planning Software Replace the Agent

Will transport planning software replace the agent in the coming time? This question may have come in many peoples’ minds. Many logistics managers and transport companies are in a dilemma. The answer to all these queries is no. Routing and scheduling systems use many algorithms and variables to calculate miles covered by a vehicle. But the companies cannot map all the data with its help. You cannot use transport software in case of emergencies and to make spontaneous decisions. A dispatcher assists in such cases with his knowledge and intelligence.

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