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Types of softwares offered:

Vehicle management- Manage all your commercial vehicles in one click

GPS software- contains invoices and provides information to your drivers about the best routes and directions

Vehicle tracker- Track your vehicles and know their location at all times

Automated invoices- Get automated invoices to help your drivers in shipments and speed up the delivery process

Garage management- Keep track of your your vehicles, machines and equipment easily

Warehouse management software- Assists in packaging , storing and delivering the goods to people

5 Facts to Consider Before Getting Your Car Painted

The decision to paint your car requires a lot of thinking. Before going to the auto body shop, make sure you have done thoroughly thinking.

You have to weigh your expectations and the value of the car before and after the paint job. As you know, repainting a car asks for a great amount of financial and timely commitment. So before you take your vehicle to any auto body shop for painting, make sure you understand all your options. You need to have a good understanding of the process. There are various facts you have to go through before selecting a paint shop. Here are five such five facts that need to be considered when you are thinking of getting your car painted. These are the absolutely necessary things to consider before each and every paint job.

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Will Transport Planning Software Replace the Agent

Will transport planning software replace the agent in the coming time? This question may have come in many peoples’ minds. Many logistics managers and transport companies are in a dilemma. The answer to all these queries is no. Routing and scheduling systems use many algorithms and variables to calculate miles covered by a vehicle. But the companies cannot map all the data with its help. You cannot use transport software in case of emergencies and to make spontaneous decisions. A dispatcher assists in such cases with his knowledge and intelligence.

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Advantages of Filing Taxes With IFTA Software

International Fuel Tax Agreement software is built to overcome complex issues and streamline the tax submitting process. Not filing tax can land you in jail and cause you to pay significant penalties. An IFTA software program enables organisations to file their tax reports in the right manner. You just have to fill in the relevant details, and this software program does your work for you. It isn’t possible to keep a record of all business transactions by hand.

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Mileage Calculator Applications- Boon for Trucking Industry

IFTA is used for taxation purposes and refers to Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement. It could additionally be termed as a fuel tax record. This is most common in the transportation business. The effective use of IFTA helps the company figure out the amount of fuel tax. Large industrial motor vehicles are insured within the IFTA for tax functions.

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